Gecko Babie's Customer Testimonials



The following testimonials are a few examples of comments we have received from people that have purchased from us. If you would like to submit a comment about your experience, please e-mail us. You can also check us out on the Board Of Inquiry or our Facebook Review Page.

Jason, USA

"Jessica Smith of Gecko Babies is the best "reptile wife" in the world. Not only are her animals top quality, but she is always there to give advice about care, breeding, and any problems that arise. She really cares about the quality of her animals and takes great care of her customers."

Lydie, France

"I present you a beautiful White Out Snow from Jessica. He is superb! Jessica is an excellent breeder from Fattail, who is always present and listening to these customers. I will not hesitate to buy some more this year!"

James, USA

"I have bought multiple geckos from Jessica and Gecko Babies and have had nothing but great experiences. Jessica is always friendly and willing to answer questions and the quality of gecko produced by her is second to none. Looking forward to being a customer again in the future."

Kit, Hong Kong

"Jessica Smith is a good breeder and her fat tail is the best."

From one of my favorite e-mails ever - a 9 year old adorable girl (how precious is this I mean seriously)

"Dear Jessica, Thank you for my gecko. She is really cool and all my friends like her. I just can't thank you enough. Because she came here safely. Arrived on Wednesday instead of Thursday so how have you been doing and you know what my gecko is really fat and her tail has not popped off and when she hunts she waves her tail like a cat then when she gets close to a cricket she shakes her tail like a rattle snake when she shed it was really cool. Love, Gecko Lover"

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"Thank You Jessica for making my first online purchase of a reptile a good one. The Fat Tailed Gecko we got from you is awesome. He was packaged well, very healthy, and has been a great addition to the family. I will be sure and highly recommend you to everyone."

"A really professional and passionate person, quick responses, very interesting prices, highly recommended !"


"Gecko Babies was extremely helpful when looking for a fat tail to pair with one of our males. I initially wanted one she posted for sale, but by the time I messaged her, the one I wanted was already sold. She found another female for me that met my needs and let me make payments over a few weeks to pay for her. When the gecko arrived, it looked absolutely gorgeous. So all in all, great customer service and great geckos!"

"I hit Jessica up via FB message one day trying to buy an AFT I couldn't afford. I now have that gecko, and she made sure of it. She has since helped me in countless ways, and is someone I am proud to call my friend. She is sincere, never passes judgment, and truly wants to help others. She offers her heart and soul in her animals. If you are looking for quality in every sense of the have found it in Gecko Babies and Jessica Smith :) Hugs & Thanks Jess"

 "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that he got here safe, and that he looks GREAT. I rarely expect anything to show up looking as good as I'd LIKE it to... (generally my expectations are a bit too high)... but in this case... I must say, I was impressed. Thank you guys very much for such an outstanding animal. Hope to do business again with you guys in the near future."

"Jessica and Brandon, It will be two weeks tomorrow since I received the little female hognose, and today she ate the fifth mouse since being in my care! I can't even express in words how happy she has made me. She is beautiful and has a wonderful reddish color. I can't thank you enough for this beautiful animal!!! Thank you so much!!!"

 "Jessica is a great person to deal with, whether purchasing or just asking questions she has always been very helpful. It's obvious she cares for her animals and does this for the pleasure, and isn't just trying to pump out as much cash as possible from the hobby."

"The female is just absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see the male after he sheds! Thanks for making one of our first online transactions a great experience!"

"She is gorgeous and i couldn't have asked for more. very fun geckos. :)"

"Quick update. He shed and is beautiful. Eats like there is no tomorrow. Definitely a very good purchase. thanks!"

 "Hello Jessica, I received my Hog today. Everything looks good and she is doing great. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. As stated previously, this was my best experience over and I will continue to peruse your website for another "excuse" to work with you again. Have a great day!"

 "I just wanted to let you know I have them.. And doing fine.. They are in there new home.... And very very beautiful... I love them.. Thanks so much.."

"I got a little AFT from Jessica for Christmas this year! She was very friendly and helpful and when he arrived..... let's say his picture just didn't do him justice! My experience with Jessica was great and she has definitely made it into my fav 5! And I will definitely be doing business with her in the future!"

"Hi guys, He is here, and he's even more perfect than I imagined. Straight out of the box, he was inquisitive, friendly, and never huffed or puffed once! I'm in love with his color, and his markings. Thank you again for an amazing transaction. I was blessed to have stumbled across your post on Fauna, and I hope we have the pleasure of doing business again someday."

"I just wanted to let you guys know that they arrived safely. They both look amazing... Thank you so much for taking the time to ensure that they were good to go prior to shipping... Thanks again, and I'm sure we will be doing more business in the future."

 "Hi Brandon, I received the geckos this morning. They look very good, nice and fat. I really like the look of the bell albino. It shows you take good care of your reptiles. Nice job with the insulated box and packing. I have received a few animals this year with just a cheap uninsulated box."

"I just got home for work and peaked in the cage. They are gorgeous, even better in person! Thanks so much!"

"I picked him up and he looks fantastic! Way better than in the pictures. Thanks again!"

"She has just arrived and she looks great! Thank you so much and I'm sure you will hear from me in the future about more geckos."

"Got them about a half an hour ago. They're absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much."

"Good afternoon! The original tangerine shed two days ago and the albino finished last night. They look absolutely stunning. I can't wait for them to reach mature sizes. Thanks again!"

"They are adorable!!!! Thank you soooo much!"

"We have them now, and they are beautiful. They look very active and are in great shape. Thank you again."

"He looks great! Thanks so much, he shed out right after he arrived and is beautiful. Thanks!"

"Jessica thank you very much for the snake he is gorgeous we are very happy to have him you are very professional I will recommend you."

"She has arrived and is exploring her cage right now! She is even more beautiful in person! Thank you so much for this beautiful animal!"

"He looks great, thanks for the feeding chart, you guys are top shelf."

"Hey, Western hognose baby is here! His color is amazing! Wow. Thanks! :D"

"He looks healthy and active. His colors are very nice, I love his butterscotch background. Thanks again for a smooth transaction and a great new pet."

"Thanks again for everything! This has been a great experience so far and really a pleasure working with you. You breed beautiful animals. :)"

"Quality animals, excellent communication and good prices! Jessica Smith definitely knows what she is doing, and I plan to get more animals from them in the future. My Hognose is a healthy and attractive snake! Thanks! The reptile community needs more breeders like them!"

"We received the RADAR and we are thrilled! He made the trip safe and sound. He is beautiful and my boyfriend couldn't be happier. Thank you so much! Thank you for your patience holding him for us. We appreciate it and will be happy to do business with you in the future."

"Hey, The gecko arrived alive and looking great. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I have him all set up in this bin now. He looks like he'll make a great breeder one day. Thanks again, for the great service."