White Out Albino Fat Tails

This is our second season producing these beautiful geckos. Although White Out Albinos, and Albino combinations in general, continue to be a debated topic, so far our results have been positive. I do believe however this should be a controlled and monitored project if you attempt this.

Finding information on this project has been near impossible with only a handful of people successfully producing healthy babies that survive long term. Naturally this leaves a lot of questions and one reason I stayed away from this project for a long time. However with ridiculous theories and rumors with no solid information available, I decided I would find out on my own.

This year I was finally able to answer one of my biggest questions. Would a White Out Albino successfully reproduce viable babies? The answer is yes! Cheeto (our first White Out Albino produced) successfully fathered healthy babies this season including several White Out Albinos. Testing needs to continue, but this is great news for the future of this project!

White Out Albino Fat Tail

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