Gecko Babie's Facility



In 2010 we renovated our 300 square foot facility with all new insulation, lighting, ceramic flooring, plumbing and dedicated circuits.  We installed a commercial grade two compartment NFS stainless steel sink with a pre rinse faucet and two drainboards.  We use an oil filled radiant heater controlled by a Johnsons thermostat with a night drop for ambient room temperatures.  In  addition, each rack has it's own Flexwatt heat source controlled by Spyder Robotics Herpstat systems.

Our grow out and adult fat tail geckos are housed individually in ARS 3033 Rack Systems.  Our adult hognose snakes are housed individually in ARS 7030 Rack Systems.  All of our hatching babies are housed individually in Boaphile Plastics RhinoRaXX Systems.  Below are some progression photos of our facility build.

Day One Construction

Framed out and electrical lines run

New plumbing

Aww <3

Drywall up and flooring installed

Custom hatchling rack system


Our adult Fat Tail geckos are housed individually in ARS-3033 rack systems.  The tubs measure 21.5" x 15.5" x 5".  Each rack system is controlled by Herpstat thermostats with two probes to ensure each level of the rack is at a precise temperature.  During our breeding months we maintain our racks with a constant 90 degree hot spot and a daytime cool zone of 78 and nighttime zone of 76.  Each cage is setup with fresh newspaper and a warm zone humidity/egg laying box filled with moist sphagnum moss.  We offer our adult breeders gut loaded crickets and water is provided by a shallow 3.25"oz disposable plastic cup that we discard during cleaning.  


Our hatchling african fat tail geckos are housed in a custom built hatchling rack system using Boaphile Plastics RhinoRaXX Systems. Hatchlings are housed individually in Sterilite 6qt containers and the system is controlled by three Herpstat 1 thermostats each controlling one horizontal layer of the rack. Hatchlings are housed on paper towels and have a warm zone humidity box filled with damp paper towels. Water is provided by a shallow 1.5" oz disposable plastic cup that we discard during cleaning. For the first few days after hatching we keep baby geckos on moist warm paper towels to aid with hydration and their first shed cycle. During this time they have access to a dry hide box, the exact opposite of how we normally do it.


We use Animal Plastics Professional Grade incubators to incubate all of our reptile eggs. They measure 72"  x 24" x 24" and are heated with two rows of Flexwatt heat tape and a circulating fan at the bottom. We had ours special ordered in black to match the rest of our racks. Each incubator is controlled by a Herpstat 1 thermostat from Spyder Robotics. We use Ziploc® Brand Containers with the Smart Snap™ Seal for our egg boxes. They are very easy to clean, completely transparent and high enough to fill a couple of inches of Perlite substrate with plenty of space leftover for the eggs not to come into contact with the lid. We have successfully incubated and hatched fat tail geckos, leopard geckos, knobtail geckos, ball pythons and hognose snakes with this setup.