All photos are of the exact animal available for sale unless otherwise noted.  We do offer Payment Plans on most purchases and are flexible with reasonable requests. For more information please see our Terms page or Contact Us with specific questions. To view what previous customers have to say about their experience with us, check out our Testimonial page.  

We offer shipping to all Terraristika Reptile Shows in Hamm, Germany. We also offer shipping to a variety of other countries through private brokers. Please see our International Shipping page for more information.


Many of our geckos sell before they are posted for sale. If you are interested in a specific morph, you can contact us to be added to our wait list. When that morph hatches and the sex can be confirmed, you will be notified and provided a photo if still interested. There is no deposit required to be added to the list. Geckos will be offered in the order requests are received.



The following list contains the morphs we are currently working with and hatching out this season. Once geckos are able to be sexed they will be posted for sale if they are not on our waiting list. Many morphs will be limited in quantity and sexes so if you are interested in any of the following please contact us about availability.  You can also follow us on our Facebook page.

  • Albino

  • Caramel Albino

  • Caramel Oreo (Snow)

  • Caramel Oreo Zulu (Snow Zulu)

  • Caramel Zulu

  • Ghost 

  • Ghost Oreo

  • Ghost Oreo Patternless

  • Ghost Patternless

  • Oreo

  • Oreo Patternless

  • Oreo Zero

  • Oreo Zulu

  • Patternless

  • White Out

  • White Out Albino

  • White Out Caramel

  • White Out Caramel Oreo (White Out Snow)

  • White Out Caramel Oreo Zulu (White Out Snow Zulu)

  • White Out Caramel Zulu

  • White Out Ghost

  • White Out Ghost Patternless

  • White Out Oreo

  • White Out Oreo Patternless

  • ​White Out Patternless​

  • White Out Zero

  • White Out Zulu

  • Wild Type

  • Zero

  • Zulu

 Available African Fat Tails



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