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3-18-17: I hatched out this cute little guy today.  This is still a very rare morph with only a handful produced to date.  I am hoping to hit on a few more of these this season.

White Out Oreo Zulu

1-6-17: Introducing the world's first White Out Caramel Oreo Zulu a/k/a White Out Snow Zulu!  This is the first four gene fat tail produced that I am aware of as well.  I definitely hit the odds with this guy :)

White Out Caramel Oreo Zulu

1-2-17: Season of the Ghost!  This year we have been lucky enough to produce some amazing White Out Ghost Patternless babies.  Here are a striped and non-striped example, who also happen to be clutch mates! 

White Out Ghost Patternless

1-1-17: Introducing the world's first Ghost Oreo Patternless, a/k/a the Purple Haze!  We were incredibly excited to hit the odds on this amazing new morph early into our 2017 breeding season.  We have produced both the striped and non-striped version to date.  With each shed the purple increases and is truly stunning to see.  Thank you gecko gods!

Ghost Oreo Patternless
Ghost Oreo Patternless



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